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Please ensure that you direct your enquiry to the correct area, as some services are maintained by third parties (such as data centers), who can only assist within their own areas of expertise and operation.

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Hosting Support
Use this address if your website is not visible on the Internet. Check with a friend who uses a different ISP to confirm the failure.  This address is monitored 24/7/365.  Click here for a form to change your email routing settings.
Website Support
Use this address to request updates and minor changes to your website.  (Change of phone number, price variations, replace image X with image Y etc..)  Major reconstructions should be sent to the original contact address.
WiFi Hotspot Support
Use this address if your wireless hotspot is not working or if you are having difficulty printing vouchers for your customers.  Check that the Internet connection from your ISP is working before contacting us.
VoIP Support
Use this address if your Voice Service Provider advises that your VoIP equipment is faulty.  Be sure to include your VoIP number and the name of your Voice Service Provider in your email.
General Enquiries
For all sales and general enquiries that are not support-related.
Note:  Mission-crital hosting facilities are staffed by maintenance engineers 24/7/365.  Other areas should be attended to daily, however please be aware that services are operated in different time zones.


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